Brandon Beisel / BIO

Inspration from the creative imagination

I have a deep rooted passion for the creation of graphics for anything from image creation to video/animation editing. I grew this passion at an early age when I came into contact with my first computer in 1990, and this passion for the creation of graphics has grown with the ever changing computer and gaming graphics world.


I have done work for various small business' like Sealey Growery, Holmes Computers LLC, and Sun and Moon Massage.


I am looking to create inovative refreshing graphics for small businesses, music groups, well anything and anyone you can imagine, including still picture video commercial creation, web banners, flyers, business cards. Your view and my imagination together to create something limitless and new.

This is a 3D render of my head without hair. Hoping to animate a body for it here soon!

This is a 3D render of my head worked into a scene and body of a soldier out of a game. Simple layering and air brushing to bring everything toether for a fun bit of character play.

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